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Hug the child with love
We like to surround ourselves with beautiful things, delicate and warm textiles, we love to relax at home with the children at our side. The Mamastory brand was born from this fascination with peace and need of cosiness. We are a producer of fabulously colorful, extremely pleasant to touch, designed and produced in Poland blankets for babies and children, which you can cover them at home, on the walk and in the car.

We make unique blankets

The blankets produced by us are not only a source of warmth for small children. It's a fragrant mother and a cuddly house that you can take for walks, prams and cots. If they are soft, fluffy and available in many colors, such as those from the Mamastory range, they accompany children from birth to the next years. Perfectly suitable for wrapping, which calms and soothes anxiety or to cover during cold weather. High quality cotton and bamboo fibers used in their production are perfect for washing and are extremely durable. We are sure that a child surrounded by beautiful colors and things created with care will calmly fall asleep and wake up ready to explore the world.

Welcome to our world of children's blankets in many colors and designs. We guarantee that they delight not only with texture and delicacy, but also with the most fashionable shades and the highest quality of workmanship

Paulina Michalak