Blankets (11)


Exceptional blankets for babies and children

Wrapping with a soft blanket is just as important to a child as wearing it on your hands, hugging and loving touching. The soft blanket heats, smells of home, is a travel companion and a way to soothe fears. We present our pride - the highest quality blankets for children and babies, which delight with their appearance and give great pleasure to children and their parents.

Blankets for each baby

Children like pleasant warmth, but also treat our blankets as cuddly toys that help in falling asleep and relaxing. Unusual natural otulators bring them a sense of security, and parents are sure that the toddler has everything he needs. Mamastory blankets can be covered with a baby sleeping in a crib or trolley, traveling in a car seat or playing in a recliner.

Blankets for a gift and a layette

Cotton and bamboo blankets in fabulous colors specially created for children, should be included in every layette. They are also a fantastic addition to a gift for a loved one who expects a child. Let them serve the toddler and his family from the day of birth, giving them warmth and improving their well-being.

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